5 Must-Do Tips to Gain Followers

Instagram today has intensively changed as it has become much harder to gain followers than ever before. However, not to worry as it affects everyone across the board. If in 2018 you want to get more Instagram followers, you will certainly require a new approach and strategy. This guide will try and give you some of the most essential tips that have been proven to work in helping one gain more followers and in the long run, more likes for your posts.

If you would like to grow your following, you should ensure that you pay attention to what your feed looks like. It is always the first opportunity that you have to make a good impression as well as entice potential followers to hit that follow button. When you create a consistent brand story through your Insta profile and aesthetic, you can always turn those casual visitors into devoted and engaged followers. 

An eye-catching Bio more often than not also leads to more followers although it may be one of the most under-utilized features that Instagram has to offer. It is really hard to come up with a perfect description of what you do in just a few words but this does not mean that you should not give it your best shot. Ensure you have a clear-to-call action on your bio and in the long run, it will always turn out to be effective in attracting followers. 

Use local hashtags

Using the local hashtags is a great way to reach all the potential customers near you. Find the popular local accounts and find out what hashtags they use for their photos. Use these hashtags and there is a great chance that you will connect with people near you or the accounts who may be interested in featuring your business or photos. This will certainly help you gain more followers and likes on Instagram.

In addition, hacking your Insta stories as they will be the key to engaging with your followers as well as staying top of mind. These stories usually appear on the Instagram explore page and thus people who do not even follow you would still find and watch whatever you may have posted. If they like what they see, then they would most likely give you a follow. This is the reason as to why you should make an effort to have active Insta story at all times. 

Quality Posts

This may appear like a no-brainer but you would be surprised how many people do not do it. You do not require a DSLR worth several thousand dollars in order to make a great Intsa post, but at least you should ensure your lighting is great and everything is in focus. A modern smartphone such as an iPhone or Galaxy would certainly help if you want some great looking shots. 

Try out these handy tips and watch your Instagram followers grow steadily to numbers you never thought they would get to. However, when you get these numbers, ensure whatever you post relates to your followers and is also enticing to avoid unfollows.


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